Number One Fan Results

October 2007:

Judit, nominator extraordinaire, has struck again! No doubt to the great relief of Agnes, who has been Number One Fan for more than six months, Judit says: " I suggest Moki because, as soon as she had moved to Brussels, she organised her trips back to Hungary around the band's schedule so she wouldn't miss a gig."

The verdict: no arguments here - and, in addition to endorsing the nomination wholeheartedly, Trevor and Pete add their personal thanks, for her help and kindness during the summer, to the new Number One Fan ... Monika!

An apology: in addition to her vigorous nominatory activity, Judit was also a deserving Number One Fan in March ... for just a few days! While occupying the exalted position, Judit nominated Agnes to take her place, but specified a future date which would have allowed her own reign to continue for a more respectable period! Not for the first time, the Take This Editorial Team (TTET) was guilty of premature activation and the nomination became active with immediate effect, thereby dethroning the recently crowned Judit! Thus Judit's supremacy should have been longer (and Agnes' shorter, by definition). For this, TTET offers a full and unreserved apology (but, in the event of legal action by either Judit or Agnes, denies all knowledge of the aforementioned events!).

March 2007 - STOP PRESS!

It's happened again! The Number One Fan has just effectively resigned by nominating somebody in her place (presumably so she can concentrate on her Presidential duties!). Judit says: "I would like to nominate Agnes. The last thing she did before leaving for Hungary was to attend a Take This concert. During her stay there she visited the web site regularly and as soon as she got back she showed up at a concert. She is such a nice person that, when Trevor heard the news that she had to leave, he had to sing her a farewell song!" So, the new Number One Fan is ... Agnes (and the kidnapping charges against Judit are dropped).

March 2007:

It had to happen ... and it has! The current and former Number One Fans, Mia and Tania, have collaborated to elect Judit (currently also top of T-Shirt Travels!) to the post of Number One Fan. In their own words: "We would like to nominate Judit for the Number One Fan position, as she is a devoted fan and photographer, coming to the gigs regularly, and even manages to bring people (Agnes) back from their countries (Hungary) to Brussels to be closer to the band! Judit for President!"

The verdict: what do we know about Judit? She likes hanging around in bars; she takes photographs; she has been known to kidnap beautiful young girls for sale to the ruthless music groupie business in Brussels. Sounds like Presidential material to us! So, President of the European Parliament or of Hungary? We'll sort it out for you. Oh, and the new Number One Fan is ...  Judit (pictured here in red with Anna in T-Shirt Travels - you didn't think we were generous enough to use a new photo, did you?)!

December 2006:

In an incredible act of reciprocated friendship, or revenge - call it what you will - the current Number One Fan, Tania, aided and abetted by Judit, has just deposed herself of the title! They say: "We would like to suggest Mia as No. 1 Fan for this month, possibly even for this year. We think she's doing a wonderful job promoting the band and bringing her Slovak/Hungarian/Czech friends to the gigs - some 40 of them came to Kitty's last week! And she's bringing out the best in the front man, which is great for the band as well :). And she's a loving and caring friend and we all love her very much :). She deserves it big time!"

The verdict: we didn't see this one coming! But we totally agree with the nomination. Mia, whatever you're doing to the front man, keep it up - it's working! And thanks for your promotion efforts. The Take This Number One Fan for December, and for the rest of 2006, is ... Mia! For some strange reason, Mia doesn't like having her picture taken, by the way.

November 2006:

Thanks to Mia for sending in her entry. She says: "I suggest my lovely friend Tani to be the next number one fan, because not only is she the belle of the gigs but she can also dance and drives many kilometres to catch Take This playing :) and tells everyone about the band. And we all know she is the No. 1 fan anyway :)".

The verdict: anyone who is prepared to go to Liège once a week deserves respect! Mia, we find it hard to argue with your reasoning, so the new Take This Number One Fan is ... Tania!

September 2006:

The Take This Number One Fan for September 2006 is ... Marianne!

Reasons: Marianne is well aware of the importance of good support, and she has been a great supporter of Take This for many years now (she was also a star turn at a fund-raising event we contributed to a while back). After a brief period of unavailability, Marianne made her comeback in September 2006 and was even spotted dancing with the aid of her walking stick! So, all in all, a very worthy winner!

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