T-Shirt Travels Results

The beautiful Anna, from Russia, WAS the latest to model the TT T-shirt, until the less beautiful Trevor popped up in Melbourne, Australia (OK, so Luna Park could have been anywhere but we promise it was in St Kilda, Melbourne!).

STOP PRESS: it appears that Kim has had a change of heart concerning the quality of the band. Never mind: at least the quality of the T-shirt - as proudly modelled by Pete - is not in doubt!

Somewhere between Glasgow and New Zealand, and very exotic, is Boracay Island, the Philippines. Here the lovely Kim is modelling the 2009 15th-anniversary edition. Special thanks to Pete for flying out there to deliver the T-shirt and take the photo (but did he really need to stay there for two weeks just for that?).

Not so far away, but can you get more exotic than downtown Glasgow!? Here we see Donaldo sporting the 10-year anniversary edition, circa 2004. He is also wielding a band poster (which now adorns his fridge door!) ... from a gig in 1999, five years BEFORE his T-shirt existed! How is that possible? Is this what they mean when they refer to 'time-lapse photography'? And who are 'they'?

This one is going to be difficult to beat! Aoraki (Mt Cook), South Island, New Zealand lies approximately one squillion km from Brussels and they don't come much more exotic than this place either. How do you get there? Well, I wouldn't start from here, that's for sure! Our thanks to the very picturesque Judit and Anna for this one.

At a very windy 10,000,001 km from Brussels, Chicago momentarily displaced Lappland as the most distant and exotic sighting of a Take This T-shirt. Our thanks to resident photographer Bob for sending in the entry, and our even more enthusiatic thanks to the beautiful Gosia, Monika and Agnieszka for modelling the 'tent-style' XL red number, its colours accentuated by the stunning picture-postcard background scenery!

Our third most distant and exotic location is Lappland, some 10 million km from Brussels. Check out the lovely Tuija, Katriina and Kirsi, modelling the old grey tour T-shirt somewhere in north Finland.

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